INSURANCE COMPANY «AVESTA INSURANCE» was founded in February 2008.

It is a multidisciplinary insurance company with a universal portfolio of services, which includes comprehensive business interest protection programs and a wide range of services for individuals.

USREOU code 35744243, territory code according to KOATUU 3200000000
Ukraine, 01011, Kyiv, street Pechersky Descent, bldg. 19, office 31.

The financial institution is included in the state register of financial institutions - registration number 11102191, date of adoption and number of the decision to issue a certificate: 24.04.2008, № 578, information provided at the link: https://kis.bank.gov.ua

Information about the owners: The founders of the company are individuals and legal entities that support the economic growth of the Company with significant investments, the authorized capital, as of 01.01.2019, is UAH 80,000,000.00.

The owners in the legal entity TDV ST "AVESTA INSURANCE" are individuals, residents of Ukraine and a legal entity, whose significant share in the authorized capital of the COMPANY does not exceed 10%.

The priority activities of the Company are the provision of insurance services to individuals and corporate clients, namely:

- cooperation with banking institutions in the field of collateral insurance;
- accident insurance;
- property insurance;
- financial risk insurance;
- insurance of civil liability of the operator of a nuclear installation for nuclear damage that may be caused as a result of a nuclear incident.

Since April 2015, TDV AVESTA INSURANCE has been a member of the Nuclear Insurance Pool Association (Minutes of the 84th general meeting of pool members dated April 17, 2015). Due to its own reserves and the involvement of reinsurance partners TDV "ST" AVESTA INSURANCE "ensures the reliability of financial obligations and efficiency in the payment of insurance indemnity. Upon additional request, the COMPANY will be happy to provide more detailed information.

last news

To the attention of clients and colleagues of TDV "ST "AVESTA INSURANCE"

Dear customers, colleagues! In connection with the imposition of martial law on the territory of Ukraine, we would like to inform you that on February 24, 2022, TD "AVESTA INSURANCE" has been operating remotely. For all questions you can call - +38044 360-28-25. All other changes will be announced on our website.


08 july 2021, INSURANCE COMPANY «AVESTA INSURANCE» and LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY «RIDGE CORPORATION» successfully signed thе memorandum of cooperation and partnership and agreed collaboration in the field of financial and insurance projects.

The Parties of this memorandum set themselves promising and far-reaching goals in the areas of activity of the companies and plan mutually beneficial cooperation.

Both companies undertake to carry out joint actions in the above area in order to realize common interests and achieve common goals in financial and insurance sphere.

Dear clients and partners of TDV "ST"AVESTA INSURANCE"!!!

We bring to your attention the following information:

From July 1, 2021 to July 5, 2021, in connection with the transfer of TDV "ST" AVESTA INSURANCE "to another telephone operator, some interruptions on the telephone line are possible, namely: +38 044-360-28-25.


If you have any questions, you can call +38 044-359-07-04 - which works normally.